Download Handpaint Complete Guide

1 February 2023
Download Handpaint Complete Guide

Download Handpaint Complete Guide with one click, learn and gain experience, learn from their mistakes and meaningful advice, and discover the best ways in which they succeeded.

This product covers all aspects of Art Theory, technical details, software settings, painting techniques. Perfect for increasing your value in the gamedev!

3 Modules, 15 lessons (3+ hours), Realtime/ Timelapse processes.

All 3D models, maps included.

Module 1:

1) Introduction in 3D Coat+ setup, Substance Painter, Painting video.

2) Light/ Color Theory. Theory on sphere, stone tile examples. Painting tips, layers in Photoshop + slides.

3) Painting low poly Wood Sign (both realtime, timelapse with commenting)

Module 2:

1) Painting/ Analysis materials: Wood, Stone, Metal.

2) Design in Handpaint lesson.

Module 3:

1) Substance- 3D Coat lesson.

2) Texturing 2 creatures: Stingray, Ulcer (timelapse texturing with comments) + full realtime processes.

3) Bonus “Sucess as an Artist” video.

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