Painting a Coastal Landscape with Boats & Buildings: Watercolor Essentials

17 November 2022
Painting a Coastal Landscape with Boats & Buildings: Watercolor Essentials
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Welcome to Painting a Coastal Landscape with Boats and Buildings.

In this class, we’ll be painting a coastal landscape with various elements including boats, buildings, and people. Being able to capture an impression of a landscape in a quick, fun, and loose manner is an essential skill that every artist should learn to master. Watercolour is the perfect medium that allows you to produce spontaneous and expressive paintings on the go. In this class, you’ll learn to simplify details and choose what elements are most important for you to portray.

Drawing is an important part of the painting process, and we will go through an easy way to break down complex objects into simple shapes. I’ll show you how to recognize shapes and estimate and pencil in large shapes such as sky, water, and land. Getting those large components in accurately is essential for your painting to make sense.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to paint simple paintings of a coastal landscape in watercolor
  • How to sketch and plan your coastal landscape painting in pencil before you start painting
  • How and when to use wet-in-wet watercolor techniques to paint skies, water, buildings, boats, and sand
  • How to paint with minimal effort using efficient brushstrokes
  • How to add people into your landscapes in a natural and simple way
  • How to paint water using a variety of essential techniques
  • How to layer effectively to add extra details
  • How to combine layers to create depth naturally
  • How to paint simple shadows and identify or choose a light source in your painting

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