Aescripts Stipple 1.0.1 Win

9 July 2024
Aescripts Stipple 1.0.1 Win
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After Effects

Aescripts Stipple 1.0.1 Win – Free Download Plugins

Image Stippling in After Effects. Create temporally coherent Image Stippling patterns driven by footage using a physics simulation. It’s a lot of fun!

What is Image Stippling?

Stippling is an artistic technique that recreates images or patterns using small dots. They can be placed densely or spread out to achieve the detailed shading necessary. In the digital realm, Stippling can be seen as an extension to Dithering with much more visually appealing results.

How is it different from Dithering?

While both stippling and dithering involve creating images with patterns, dithering uses randomized pixel patterns, resulting in a noisy appearance. In contrast, stippling produces cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing shading using small dots, generating blue noise rather than the white noise of dithering.

Physics Simulation

Stipple sets itself apart by ensuring temporal coherence — dots move predictably between frames in a timeline. This is achieved through a physics simulation that makes the dots interact with each other and the image map, maintaining a consistent and coherent visual effect when applied to a video/animated footage

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