9 November 2022
Program Name
Cinema 4D and more
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2.7 GB


Kitbash3d – Treasure Island

Make port in a pirate’s paradise with exquisitely detailed wharfs, saloons, markets, battlements, churches, and Spanish-style manors. With its majestic ship that’s sure to shiver the timbers of all those who look upon it, this 3D asset kit is perfect for any creator looking to relive the Golden Age of Pirates.

Kitbash3d – Outpost

Every fortress, temple, workshop, and dugout shelter in this 3d model pack is highly detailed and easily customizable with communications towers, awnings, silos, and much more – freeing you to create everything from humble abodes to subterranean lairs ready for battle.

Kitbash3d – Soviet Blocks

The concrete tower blocks in this 3D asset kit are designed to help you create stark, mass-produced, and somewhat dilapidated environments. You can also customize everything to your liking, including the smattering of rooftop ductwork, antennas, cables, satellites, and laundry fixtures – giving you infinite possibilities to build your world.

Kitbash3d – Los Angeles

Inspired by America’s entertainment capital, this 3D asset kit’s variety of modern and classic high-rises, convention centers, and municipal buildings can help you create your city of angels or any urban destination where dreams are made.

Kitbash3d – Gaea

This 3D asset kit combines natural materials and complex geometry with both Eastern and Western architectural influences. Fill your fantasy realms with beautiful cultural centers, banquet halls, intricate yurts, grand courts, and more – complete with artisan-crafted tables, decorative weavings, and earthenware vessels suitable for any learned kingdom or academic society.


  • Kitbash3d – Treasure Island (Maya – Arnold)
  • Kitbash3d – Outpost (Maya – Arnold)
  • Kitbash3d – Soviet Blocks (Maya – Arnold)
  • Kitbash3d – Los Angeles (Maya – Arnold)
  • Kitbash3d – Gaea (Maya – Arnold)

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