Articulated Sounds – DICE

27 June 2022
Articulated Sounds – DICE
File Types
24Bits 96KHZ
File Size
1.2 GB

Articulated Sounds – DICE – Free Download Sound Effects

‘DICE SFX Party’ is a unique and extensive sound library of dice samples meticulously recorded and selected through a wide range of actions and interactions on various surfaces, with different dice types and quantities.

Technically speaking, the files are 24bits/96KHz stereo downmix of MS decoded setup along with contact-mic recording. They are carefully sorted through detailed file names and metadata. As they embody some peculiar sonic qualities, they can be used in any creative ways, or be integrated ‘as is’ into any games or projects.

  • Well focused and isolated 616 dice sounds
  • Variety of actions: shake, roll, drop, slide, throw, grab
  • Variety of die types: foam dice, metal dice, polyhedral dice, mini dice
  • Variety of surface types: leather cup, plastic cup, cardboard, felt, glass, hard wood, metal, neoprene, plastic, wooden tray

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