Articulated Sounds – Busy Streets

27 June 2022
Articulated Sounds – Busy Streets
File Types
24Bits 96KHZ
File Size
6.5 GB

Articulated Sounds – Busy Streets – Free Download Sound Effects

‘Busy Streets’ is a key library containing 74 surround sound ambiences that will set the scene of bustling cities. recorded stealth in the USA through the cities of:

The library is available in stereo, and surround (Quad).

  • 74 Surround authentic ambience recordings between 1 to 5 minutes long each, non-disturbed city life using our SSS technique (Stealth Surround System)
  • Crowd movements
  • pedestrians walking by and talking
  • traffic noises, train, metro, truck, bus, cars
  • Evolving swarm
  • above and under bridges
  • narrow pathway
  • underground street
  • large boulevards
  • restaurants terrace
  • commercial areas
  • financial disctricts
  • financial disctricts
  • wet streets

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