Articulated Sounds – Winter Forest

27 June 2022
Articulated Sounds – Winter Forest
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Articulated Sounds – Winter Forest – Free Download Sound Effects

Articulated presents here an ambience sound library from the collection ‘Wonders of Nature’ that captures the magical essence of dormant snowy forests. ‘Winter forest’ is not just about silence, it unfolds the delicate flow of lone natural immensity. Over the span of 2 years we recorded the cold north wood forest of the Laurentian in Canada.

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We captured chilly breezes, sparse birds, north woods atmospheres, creaking barks, freezing rain, raven’s vocalizations, wolves, crows, long cold silences. All of which resonate through these unique sceneries of quietude. We took care to record different time of the day but also different settings as well as various weather conditions as wind, blizzard, snow, freezing rain, stillness.

The library is available in stereo, and surround (Quad & 5.1).

  • 25 immersive high quality ambiences from pure northern wilderness.
  • Various settings, locations and time of the day spanned between January and March.
  • Bird species identified through well-grounded metadatas
  • Very long and cold silences, as well as aroused flocks of birds
  • Beautiful freezing rain dripping through the trees.
  • Some winds and nice creaking branches.
  • Nightly wolves and many ravens vocalizations

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