Articulated Sounds – 100 Fountains

27 June 2022
Articulated Sounds – 100 Fountains
File Types
24Bits 96KHZ
File Size
3.4 GB

Articulated Sounds – 100 Fountains – Free Download Sound Effects

‘100 FOUNTAINS’ comprises 100 sound files of high precise quality stereo recordings of various fountains size, type, and perspective (including 15 hydrophone recordings) recorded over the span of 1 year.

While fountains played a major role throughout history by their functionality of supplying water, they nowadays still operate as a central element in the landscape of towns and cities although diverging from their initial purposes. Their sound sooth the soul and embellish the modern soundscape by masking intrusive noises. They embody life and bring people together. This library of sounds is an homage to these “super-natural” human constructions, in an attempt to capture with fidelity the diversity of their sonic palette.

  • 100 stereo files M/S decoded between 40 sec and 2 min long, loopable
  • Highly focused and meticulously edited sounds
  • Wide variety of sizes categorized in 3: small, medium, large
  • Great variety of different jet forces and jet numbers but also different surface types, as metal, stone, wood, …
  • Different perspectives are included as well as 20m far up to inches close and even 15 underwater recordings

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