Videohive Type Sync Pro – Realistic Writing Tool

2 August 2023
Videohive Type Sync Pro – Realistic Writing Tool
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I’m a graphic/motion designer at heart and it came naturally to favor visuals. But one day, I removed the mouse click sound from my screen recording. Just a click, right? But no, it’s not just a click. I found that it’s information, it tells you something is happening, pay attention!

The keyboard typing effect has become a classic, and everyone has at least one video where they use it. But it’s missing something – the ‘click.’ That ‘little’ part that tells you to pay attention, something is happening!

Write your mind!

For the future

  • Emojis inside the text would be nice, would it?
  • Different modes of highlighting words, like: different font families and fonts sizes
  • Maybe change the writing speed for individual words
  • Support for right to left languages
  • I’m thinking a VS Code color scheme (for you programmers out there)
  • Now highlights become visible at the same time as the writing happens but how about after the writing finishes to come in view
  • A visual preview for the highlight inside the interface
  • Put text in speech bubbles

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