Joaquin Elizondo – Terms and Techniques of Editing (Filmmakers Academy)

18 November 2022
Joaquin Elizondo – Terms and Techniques of Editing (Filmmakers Academy)
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Download Joaquin Elizondo – Terms and Techniques of Editing (Filmmakers Academy) with one click, learn and gain experience, learn from their mistakes and meaningful advice, and discover the best ways in which they succeeded.

In Terms and Techniques of Editing, editor Joaquin Elizondo (Narcos: Mexico, Dark Winds) positions aspiring editors on the path for success. He does so by revealing basic in-depth editing techniques from various ways to cut a scene to engineering montages, improving audio, and everything in between!

To enhance your understanding of narrative techniques, Joaquin uses scenes from award-winning short films as a reference. That way, you can get the feel of how to edit on projects with high-production value.


  • 01-Hard Cuts, J-Cuts & L-Cuts
  • 02-Heads & Tails, Shot/Reverse Shots & ADR
  • 03-Smash Cuts & Match Cuts
  • 04-Jump Cuts & Soft Cuts
  • 05-Keeping Continuity & Cutting On Action
  • 06-Cross-Cutting, Split Screen & Montage
  • 07-Cutaway, Point of View, Inserts & Stock Footage
  • 08-Audio Sweetening


Joaquin Elizondo has over 20 years of experience as an editor and currently works in the world of scripted television shows in Hollywood. His most recent editing credits include Narcos: Mexico (Netflix), The Hot Zone: Anthrax (NatGeo), and Dark Winds (AMC) and is currently working on Griselda, a new Netflix limited series starring Sofia Vergara.

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