Videohive The Bundle – 8000+ Carefully Designed Elements

30 August 2023
Videohive The Bundle – 8000+ Carefully Designed Elements
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After Effects CC 2019 + Resizable NO Plugins 6.6 GB

Download Videohive The Bundle – 8000+ Carefully Designed Elements V8 24321544 enjoy the best experience where you will find what you needed and what you searched for. Our site also provides templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Luts, Royalty free sound effects and much more.

All-In-One Pack is a perfect motion graphics collection for creating any kind of slideshows, openers, social media stories or title sequences for all sorts of audience – Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TV, just anything. Over 6000 elements will bring your video production to another level. It is so easy to use that any user with any kind of experience can do it – from those who’s just started a Youtube video blog to video editing professionals who value their time.

There are 7 products packed inside the Bundle:

CrispyType – 1300+ typography elements

  • Stylized – Particles, HUD, Neon, Vintage, Labels, Popups
  • Clean – Minimal, Lower Thirds, Devices, Numbers, Kinetic, Quotes, Callouts, Big, Captions, Super Simple
  • Glitch – Flicker, Displace, Color Shake, VHS
  • Special Events – Fashion Week, Business Conference, Wedding, Christmas, Easter
  • Social Media – Clean, Glitch
  • Openers – Minimal, Glitch
  • Logo Reveals – Minimal, Glitch

CrispyCut – 1600+ transitions

  • Camera – Spin, Spin Perspective, Corner Spin, Corner Spin Perspective, Slide, Zoom, Shake
  • Fade – Simple, Flicker, Blur, Chromatic, Radial, Directional, Mattes
  • Glitch – Bad Signal, Color, Overlay, Pixel Sorting, Pixelation, Shake, Stretch, Quick Cuts
  • Grunge – Color Madness, Decay, Urban, Brush, Ink, Mixed, Mattes
  • Light – Flash, Fast, Slow, Flicker
  • Minimal – Arrows, Slide, Wipe, Strips, Shapes, Mattes
  • Multi – Sliding, Swinging, Flipping
  • Particles – Flash, Twirl, Zoom
  • Split – Simple, Shapes
  • Typography – Slide
  • Warp – Twirl, Twirl Perspective, Lens, Stretch

CrispyShapes -1100+ shapes and assets

  • Clean – Arrows, Minimal, Strokes
  • Stylized – Abstract, Blurry, Flicker, Handdrawn, Memphis, Neon, Retro, Tiles
  • Icons – Abstract, Special Events
  • Social Media – Icons, Buttons, Mockups, Swipes
  • Widgets

Flow – 1000+ backgrounds and overlays

  • Flat – Lines, Circles, Patterns, Shapes, Noise
  • Gradients – Aurora, Twirl, Two Colors, Lines, Chromatic
  • Special Events – Wedding, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
  • Various – Digital, Glow, Luxury, Papercut, Ramps, Waves
  • Overlays – Color Correction, Glitch, Grunge, Particles, Light

Distorted – 650+ glitch elements and effects

  • Scenes – Openers, Logo Reveals
  • FX – Bad Signal, Color, Digital, Lens, Pixel Sorting, Pixelation, Shake, Stretch, VHS
  • Typography – Flicker, Displace, Shake, VHS
  • Transitions – Bad Signal, Color, Overlay, Pixel Sorting, Pixelation, Shake, Stretch, Quick Cuts
  • Elements – Overlays, Gradients, Shapes, Social Media
  • Sound Effects

Spotlight – 400+ Instagram stories

  • Clean – Minimal, Shopping, Corporate, Quotes, Elegant
  • Stylized – Urban, Glow, Retro, Wedding, Grunge, Romantic
  • Lifestyle – Fashion, Food, Travel, Sport
  • Trendy – I, II, III, IV (the stories from the original Trendy Graphics pack)

Pitch – 300+ promo slides and transitions

  • Themes – Knockout, Shuffle, Neo, Grid, Freestyle, Solid, Flow, Bloom, Pulse, Overdrive, Steph
  • Transitions – Zoom, Slide, Flicker, Grid, Type, Wipe, Spin
  • Looks – Film Damage, VHS
  • Overlays – Light, Aberrations, Flicker, Vignette, Geometry, Text, Letterbox
  • Color Correction – Basic, Fashion, Portrait, Travel, Vintage, Hipster, Futuristic, Dark, Pastel, Metallic, Duotone, Gradient, HDR, Soft Glow

Make It Cool – 800+ looks and assets

  • Looks – Daydream, Flashback, Damaged TV, Watercolor, Distorted, Pop Art, Noise, Flicker, Compression, Memories, VHS, Sketch, Trippy, Duo
  • Typography – Sticker, Echoes, Ghost, Redwood, Bright, Lemonade, Thurston, Displace, Aquarelle, Panic, Dreamer, Layered, Shaker, Gradient
  • Overlays – Chromatic Light, Light Leaks, Light Rays, Aurora Lights, Glitch, Grunge, Film Damage, Text
  • LUTs – Fashion, Sport, Romantic, Travel, Portrait, Corporate, Wedding, Pastel, Hipster, Food, Vibrant

Sound Effects

  • Glitch
  • Whooshes
  • Fast Swooshes
  • Swipes
  • Hi-Tech
  • Notifications
  • Pops
  • Impacts
  • Game
  • Interface
  • Magic


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