Videohive Briskland, Professional 3D Explainer Toolkit

24 November 2021
Videohive Briskland, Professional 3D Explainer Toolkit
Program Name Version Resolution Add-Ons File Size
After Effects CC + 7680x4320 NO Plugins 1.64 GB

Videohive – Briskland, Professional 3D Explainer Toolkit – 34486672 – Free Download After Effects Template

Rule your 3d world using full custom color controls and a lot of valuable placeholders.

  • Diverse talking, pre-animated, and customizable characters with a wide range of usages.
  • A lot of diverse 3D locations.
  • Functional, customizable typographies.
  • Cell phone screens with mockups of all popular social media pages and websites.
  • Desktop mockups of social networks and web pages.
  • Some logo reveals to provide your brand.
  • A complete package of 3D animated objects.
  • Creative transitions, motion shape elements.
  • Video promo to describe videos.
  • Speech bubbles for characters.
  • Helpful slideshows to screen your footage gallery.
  • 3D showcases to demonstrate your products or services.
  • And many helpful lower-thirds.

Pre-made Animated Actions:

Start (coming on screen) Exercise Shaking hand
Idle Dance Throw something
Answerphone Feel Cold Give something
Checking phone Feel hot Get something
Catch a placeholder box Cooking Handwaving
Flip 2 placeholder boards Cover the ears Picking up and putting
Happy Cover the eyes Looking for something
Think and find Idea Cover the mouth Leaning on something
Angry Horoscope eavesdropping Send kiss
Cry Exciting Say Hi
Eat sandwich Say Hi Looking Away
Get a gift Tired Sitdown And Standup
Sad Start (for the side view) Work with laptop
Scared Idle (for the side view) Drink
Introduce Run Eat
Comparing two things Walk Drink coffee
Agree Answerphone (for the side view) Do makeup
Disagree Stand Talking Reading
Talking Camera Pull a placeholder box Writing
Shy Push a placeholder box Sat talking

Note: As we designed this project for the English version of After effects, you must use English Ae.

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