Making the Switch from Phone to Camera

16 November 2022
Making the Switch from Phone to Camera
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Download Making the Switch from Phone to Camera with one click, learn and gain experience, learn from their mistakes and meaningful advice, and discover the best ways in which they succeeded.

Making the switch from taking photos with your phone to using a camera requires some changes. Phone cameras make it easy to take snapshot images. To use a camera well, you need to control it and understand how to take great photos. Using a camera is so much more fun and the quality of your photos will improve dramatically … once you know what you’re doing.

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This course contains 30 lessons and practical exercises designed to get you started using your camera. I focus on the differences you can expect between using your phone and your camera to take photos. No matter what camera you use, taking photos happens the same way. Light enters the camera (or phone camera) through a lens. The right amount of light must enter to record a well-exposed photograph with the camera’s sensor. With your phone, this process is fully automated and generally produces bland, uncreative results. Using your camera you can control the light, timing, focus, composition, and more. With this course, I’ll teach you all about how to enjoy doing this.

I’ve been taking photos since I was a teenager, most of my working career I’ve been a professional photographer. I also have many years of experience teaching new and experienced photographers about their cameras and the craft of photography. You’ll see how I work when I’m demonstrating the practical exercises that accompany every lesson. Each exercise has a .pdf document to help guide you through what to do to complete it.

I designed this course so you can complete it easily in one month and change your photography experience in just a short amount of time. Each lesson is short and concentrates on a single topic. There’s a clearly explained practical exercise with each lesson. Take as long or as little time as you like to complete the exercise and you’re sure to experience growth and development in your photography. You’ll see the results in the photos you’re taking. You’ll easily retain what you learn and put it into practice every time you use your camera.

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