FilmForever Vol. 2, Colorist Toolkit, Vol. 3 (2022) &, Power Curves

7 May 2022
FilmForever Vol. 2, Colorist Toolkit, Vol. 3 (2022) &, Power Curves
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FilmForever Vol. 2, Colorist Toolkit, Vol. 3 (2022) &, Power Curves – Free Download 

How to use FilmForever™

& what’s included?

In order to make sense of FilmForever’s large number of Power Grades, let’s take a closer look at what’s offered. There are four grade styles at the primary level: 2383 Rebuild, 2383 Creative, 2383 3-Strip, and 2383 Technical. Let’s examine each style in further detail.

2383, Rebuild Power Grade

This is by far the simplest re-build of the 2383 LUT. A really robust starting point if you are aiming for a minimal grade with minimal effort. You can manipulate the 2383 core grade itself to your liking within the building blocks of the Power Grade.

2383, Creative Power Grade

This grade is the same as the base “2383 Rebuild” along with a “creative” node in the initial blocks. This node shifts the entire palette to a much more modern-minimal film color palette.

2383, 3-Strip Power Grade

This one incorporates Technicolor’s 3 strip process in place of the usual subtractive color technique. In earlier days the image used to be shot on 3 different channels and was later merged into one during the development process. In our Power Grade, 3 channel process works on a channel level to provide a detailed replica of technicolor’s lab processing.

22 Page User-Guide Included

We’ve included an extensive 25-page user guide in the zip file that elaborates each and every node in our FilmForever™ Power Grades. Everything from setting up to finishing touches.

For Non-Resolve users

If you don’t own the studio version then we have recreated our base grades within non-studio version capabilities. They should work just fine and give you the freedom and flexibility of our main Grades.

Pro Features

  • Negative Film LUT Node
  • Non-destructive Subtractive Color
  • Creative Nodes
  • Green’s Fix
  • Tone Manager (Warm vs Cold)
  • Extensive Manual Control
  • 11.3 GB Film Frames & Textures
  • Luminance Grain Emulation

Product Details

  • Entire FilmForever™ Emulation Kit, Volume 2 (April Update, 20GB)
  • Entire Ultimate Colorist Toolkit 2022, Vol.
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