Kodak 2383 Inspired Cinematic LUTs

23 December 2023
Kodak 2383 Inspired Cinematic LUTs
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Kodak 2383 film print stock, created by Eastman Kodak, made its debut in the world of cinema in the late 1980s. This iconic film stock quickly became a preferred choice for cinematographers due to its remarkable color characteristics. Known for its warm and rich colors, Kodak 2383 had a unique ability to capture the essence of the scenes it was used to film. The film stock’s exceptional color rendition and neutral handling of shadows and highlights allowed filmmakers to achieve a distinct and captivating visual aesthetic that became synonymous with the era.


Film Print

  • K83 D55
  • K83 D60
  • K83 D65


  • K83 Warm
  • K83 Gold
  • K83 Green
  • K83 Cool
  • K83 Cyan
  • K83 Mauve

Creative Tones

  • K83 Tones A
  • K83 Tones B
  • K83 Tones C
  • K83 Tones D
  • K83 Tones E

Mixed Palettes

  • K83 ChromaMix A
  • K83 ChromaMix B
  • K83 ChromaMix C

Specialty Looks

  • K83 Teal & Orange
  • K83 Red & Cyan
  • K83 Silver

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