The VFX School TableTop Food Simulation Vol 01

20 November 2022
The VFX School TableTop Food Simulation Vol 01
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Download The VFX School TableTop Food Simulation Vol 01 with one click, learn and gain experience, learn from their mistakes and meaningful advice, and discover the best ways in which they succeeded.

The VFX School – TableTop Food Simulation Vol 01 – Free Download

Are you ready to start Tabletop Food Simulation and show off your ability to create extraordinary food simulations?
Tabletop Food Simulation is a window to a new world of opportunities in an industry that is ripe with demand for this type of VFX. Right now, many different brands of food products such as ice cream, cereals, coffee, milk, and sweets, have a strong preference for using CGI techniques in their TV commercials and social media video ads.

These projects have traditionally been done in software like RealFlow, Phoenix FD, and Bifrost. However, the latest updates to Houdini have made it the perfect alternative to create this type of simulation.

Houdini is most commonly used to create large-scale simulations such as oceans, seas, rivers, and a host of other elements. However, in this course, you will learn to take advantage of Houdini’s potential to create small-scale simulations quickly and easily.

Through Tabletop Food Simulation, we will create 5 incredible projects from scratch, considering every detail in a step-by-step process, until we produce the final render.

In the shading and rendering section, we will use Solid Angle Arnold, one of the preferred and most powerful rendering engines used in the VFX industry.

After completing Tabletop Food Simulation, you will have the necessary knowledge to face similar projects with confidence. You can also make your own version of each of the projects in the course to create an eye-catching, high-quality Demo Reel.

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