MotionVFX mTransition Scrub

19 March 2023
MotionVFX mTransition Scrub
Program Name File Size
Final Cut Pro 15 MB

MotionVFX mTransition Scrub – Free Download 

MotionVFX mTransition Scrub Product feature:

  • 30 Retiming Transitions Exclusively For Final Cut Pro X
  • 30+1 footage shifts that will load your edit with intense scrubbing simulations
    and add a strongly energetic character to any set of shots.

The dynamism of your edits depends on the individual shots, but the cuts and transitions are a powerful tool to boost it and turn up the pace. We took it even further and created an ultimate tool to make every single footage shift uniquely vigorous. mTransition Scrub is a sensational set of retiming transition effects that simulate scrubbing and alter the speed of your footage to make it even more captivating. Make your video production intensely engaging with this instant drag & drop energy!

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