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Boom Library Seasons Of Earth – Spring

24 December 2022
Boom Library Seasons Of Earth – Spring
File Types Resolution File Size
WAV 24bit - 96kHz 108 GB

Boom Library Seasons Of Earth – Spring – Free Download

Our planet has a fascinating sonic spectrum, and every season, nature offers us an impressive and multi-faceted sound composition. We have recorded the most interesting and iconic ambiences the only way that truly reflects the sonic character of Earth as precisely as possible: Using the unparalleled Schoeps ORTF3D Surround Set. Harness these first-rate sounds to shape your projects in the most authentic way possible, from the ground up in 3D Surround or Stereo.

When the snow melts and the budding flowers are revealed, life awakens again and fills the senses.
Sonically, spring is one of the richest seasons, with the dripping rain and symphonies of birds.
Now available in immersive 3D Surround.


A festival of birds welcomes the longer days, changing weather, and budding flowers. It is a truly sonically diverse time – a period of intense activity.
SEASONS OF EARTH – SPRING sets out to capture all the sonically diverse changes of the season, encapsulating the sounds of wind and rain in the meadows, forests, rivers, and lakes of North America.

Recorded in 3D using a Schoeps ORTF rig, this library transports any listener into nature. Closing their eyes, the listener can feel the damp wind on their cheeks and smell the fresh dew on the grass. Add that much needed sensual realism to your project.


Bring life to any scene with the right vivid ambience. Whether your project covers camping or hunting scenes, outdoor survival games, or strolls in the park, get the mood right with this collection of rainy days and birdsong. Each area was recorded in four stages: Pre-Dawn, Dawn, Morning, and Afternoon, when animals are most active in their habitats.

This library makes for the perfect outdoor soundscape to duck dialogue, music, or other sound effects. It also sounds incredible on its own, perfect for any nature show clips or segues.


In addition to the full 3D Surround experience, the stereo version is included in your purchase of 3DS, with the same sound material and production-ready for more common formats.

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