Videohive Flash FX Elements Pack 04 Final Cut

19 August 2019
Videohive Flash FX Elements Pack 04 Final Cut
Program Name Resolution File Size
Apple Motion Final Cut Pro Resizable 43 MB

Videohive Flash FX Elements Pack 04 Final Cut 24291534 Free Download Apple Motion Template

Elements Pack 04 is a neat Apple Motion/Final Cut Pro template that includes gracefully designed and animated various elements and transitions such as fire, electric, smoke and liquid. This hand drawn and frame by frame animated elements are very easy to use. Over 120 hours of work in one template. They’re so diverse and can be quickly stylized to match your own projects as cartoons, films, music, dance or sport tutorial videos, slideshow, title and logo animation. Knock out your audience with these miscellaneous great animated cartoon elements. Sound FX included. You can always find what you want in our portfolio! Check for updates!

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