SoundMorph – Energy

24 April 2022
SoundMorph – Energy
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SoundMorph – Energy – Free Download 

When you need a few more electricity elements in your toolbox, Energy has got you covered. A supreme collection of everything from electricity, power ups, shockwaves and sparks, to force fields, zaps, electrical loops, and plenty more. If you need some extra power in your productions and want to impress, Energy is your new go to sound library.

Featured Categories:

  • Energy Loops (Start, Loop, End)
  • Electricity Sparks
  • Zaps
  • Electric Impacts
  • Energy Weapons
  • Special Powers
  • Whooshes and Passbys
  • Energy Foley
  • Ambiences
  • Hums
  • Buzzes
  • Lightning Elements
  • Power Ups
  • Power Downs
  • Source Tool Box
  • Create your own sounds from scratch

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