Epic Stock Media – Sci-fi World Swarm

22 June 2022
Epic Stock Media – Sci-fi World Swarm
File Types
96k 24bit
File Size
4.88 GB

Epic Stock Media – Sci-fi World Swarm – Free Download Sound Effects

The latest installment in the Epic Stock Media Sci-fi World Sound Effects Series has landed on planet earth. Sci-fi World – Swarm presents a meticulously designed ambience loop library inspired by an insect-like alien race and their quest for dominance in the galaxy. Sci-fi World – Swarm is a collection of over 2 hours of interior and exterior sci-fi background loops. As a result, you’ll have the ability to orchestrate amazing background sounds for your entire sci-fi or other-worldly sound production with ease. When you need to set the tone for an alien race that is hell bent on exacting revenge on the galaxy, one planet at a time, Sci-fi World – Swarm is your answer. It’s a truly unique sound collection geared towards multiplayer space, fantasy, RPG, MMO, and sci-fi games. Swarm showcases sounds described as; creepy tunnels, enemy planets, hatcheries, engine rooms, planetary winds, surrounded by bugs, dungeon hive, and millipede lair. Cut from the mold of games like StarCraft II, Sci-fi World – Swarm presents an amazing selection of background sounds that are frankly… out of this world. On Sale Now!


  • 141 game ready loop-able sound assets
  • 4.88GB of audio samples
  • All in 96k 24bit .wav
  • Includes a 44.1k 16bit .wav version of library
  • Sci-fi Ambience Loop Library
  • Over 2 hours of sound
  • Includes a variety of locations, tones, and ambiences
  • Perfect for games, room tones, and film
  • Includes embed Soundminer metadata
  • 24 ambiences loops like alien cave, energy lab, hangar, sub bay & more
  • 49 minimal versions or alt mixes of full loops
  • 68 loop-able layer loops like Queens Chamber, Termite Mounds, Insect Engines & more!
  • All royalty free SFX
  • RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box)

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