Epic Stock Media Elemental Mutation Pt.1

31 July 2023
Epic Stock Media Elemental Mutation Pt.1
96k 24Bit / 44.1k 16Bit
File Size
2.8 GB

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Imagine the visceral sensation of particles shifting and evolving, the subtle textures of organic materials swirling and twirling, and the eerie sounds of supernatural change. With “Elemental Mutation,” you’ll have access to this unique collection of SFX loops that capture these experiences in intricate detail. Inside you’ll find designed and organic seamlessly loop-able morphing particles, evolving textures, and organic mutations sound effects perfect for creating soundscapes, ambiences, entropy, high detail or layers in a soundtrack. This comprehensive library captures the subtle nuances of growth and evolution, as well as the uncanny and unsettling sounds of unnatural transformation.

Embark on an immersive voyage through the fantasy world of organic mutation with “Elemental Mutation” – an all-encompassing sound effects loop collection designed specifically for game developers and sound designers. Immerse yourself in an intricately woven tapestry of meticulously designed game audio loops, ranging from the gentle murmurs of natural evolution to the hair-raising reverberations of otherworldly metamorphosis. Each sound has been recorded and designed to convey a sense of transformation, whether it’s the subtle tension of vines as they grow or the intense crackling of ice as it mutates into something entirely new. All files are seamlessly loop-able & game-ready.

Create immersive and imaginative elements with Elemental Mutation’s versatile library of background ambiences, soundscapes, and transformative sequences, layers that come alive. From the crisp dry realism of real-life objects to the mind-blowing creativity of wet artificial synthesis, this library has got just about everything you need to give your projects that extra oomph. Whether you want it raw, processed, wet, or dry, Elemental Mutation has got you covered.

Explore the boundless possibilities of crafting dynamic, constantly-evolving life forms.This meticulously curated collection of sound effects enables you to infuse your creations with intricacy and detail, from the graceful expansion and contraction of tissues to the explosive bursts of energy that accompany dramatic transformations. With a diverse range of textures, including eerie creaks, boiling acids, steam, bubbling, and pulsating movements, you can transform, contort, and mutilate organic sounds in ways that surpass the bounds of conventional imagination. Set your imagination free and explore the depths of biological metamorphosis like never before.

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