Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Undead

21 October 2022
Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Undead
File Types Resolution File Size
WAV 24bit 96k 623 MB

Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Undead – Free Download

The underworld has released another villain who is more menacing than ever before! AAA Game Character Undead voice-over library is a riveting collection of interactive, in-game dialogue featuring a grotesque, undead creature ready to fight for the dark side.

Inside you’ll find over 400+ high-quality sound files rich with depth and texture. You will invoke fear and trembling into your audience when you use the voice featured in AAA Game Character Undead. But don’t be afraid, this sound pack will elevate your audio experience in your next game, film, or audio project!


  • 416 game character voice-over audio files
  • 14 minutes of dialogue and vocalizations
  • All in 24bit 96k .wav file format
  • 623 MB of undead voice samples
  • Undead Game Character Sound Library
  • 16 ghastly battle cries, cheers, roars
  • 6 in-depth breathing paces – slow, fast, medium
  • 7 hacking coughs – light, heavy
  • 10 crying vocalizations
  • 133 interactive dialogue lines like: I shall feast on your flesh
  • 41 growls, groans, grunts, swings
  • 23 jumping vocalizations
  • 11 explosive laughs – short, long, hearty
  • 52 painful vocal sounds like: drying, hurt, wound

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