Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Video 5.0 for OFX

3 November 2022
Program Name
After Effects , Final Cut Pro , Premiere Pro
File Size
39 MB

Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Video 5.0 for OFX – Free Download

This powerful video plugin automatically identifies skin tones and creates a mask limiting smoothing effect to just skin areas. Let it analyze the video, apply the filter, set a few Smoothing options, and the plugin make skin retouching incredibly easy.

This plugin acts as digital makeup in post-production by incorporating state-of-the-art face and skin detection and smoothing algorithms. With HD and 4K, the video takes the edge off of skin and makeup problems visible.

For real-time rendering, best-selling and most awarded skin smoothing technology is available. It already had the best automatic masking and skin retouching capabilities of any plugin, and now it has incredibly fast rendered as well.

Features of Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Video OFX

  • Digital Makeup for Video Post Production
  • Powerful, Easy, Real-time skin retouching for video
  • Easy Skin Smoothing
  • The Magic of Automatic Masking
  • Fast Rendering
  • Shine Removal and Color Correction
  • Dozens of Preset Styles

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