5DLEAKS: A Collection of Organic Light Leaks

26 August 2022
5DLEAKS: A Collection of Organic Light Leaks
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3 GB

5DLEAKS: A Collection of Organic Light Leaks – Free Download

5DLEAKS is a collection of 1080P HD light leaks intended for use with within Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Avid Media Composer and other non-linear editors supporting composite or blend mode. 5DLEAKS contains 50 organic light leaks equaling 2 gigabytes of content.

Simply drag the light leak you’d like to feature onto your timeline. Make sure you place the clip on a new layer above of your current footage. Select the appropriate blend mode from your editors compositing tab and it’s that easy. For most applications we recommend “Screen” for the best results.

You can further enhance the look of the effect by adjusting opacity, saturation, hue, contrast or speed of the light leak. Customization takes our products to the next level.

Apple Pro Res 422 and MPEG-4 versions of 5DLEAKS are included in every download

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