Videohive Trapcode Battlefield Essentials

23 June 2021
Videohive Trapcode Battlefield Essentials
Program Name Version Resolution Add-Ons File Size
After Effects CS6 + 1920X1080 (HD) Trapcode Particular 995 Mb

Videohive Trapcode Battlefield Essentials 21724000 – Free Download After Effects Template

Trapcode Battlefield Essentials allows you to create chaotic battlefields with tracers, missiles and 3D muzzle flashes from any perspective. If you’re an indie filmmaker, this project will give you the tools necessary to bring your vision to life. The projects are well-structured with user-friendly sliders that control global emission speed, random seed for the particles, plus a handy locate & aim controller for the tracers. The missiles have a locator position null for the movement and the muzzle flash is separated into 4 elements. The core flash and 3 different muzzle brake gas sprites.

The customisation options are endless and should cover most if not every type of firearm from any perspective. The projects are built with convenience in mind, for example, the tracers project has a collision plane represented by a 3D grid which can be toggled on and off with one click. The missiles project provides different cameras for either orbiting around the missile or tracking the missile as a 1st person camera. These tools should help get you started and make your experience an enjoyable one. You don’t have to be an expert with Trapcode Particular, to get the results you want.

Finally, we included preview files for the projects which are rendered as QuickTime Photo – JPEG. These files are just there to provide a quick demonstration of what’s possible. But that’s not all, we also included a bonus content folder which has all of the dirt explosions featured in the live-action video preview. These assets are rendered in standard definition as QuickTime Animation files. They’re not considered part of Battlefield Essentials however we just thought it would be nice to include them in the download.

Trapcode Waterfall Pack is compatible with CS6 and requires Trapcode Particular V3.1.2

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