14 March 2023
Program Name Version Resolution Add-Ons File Size
After Effects AND Premiere Pro CC 2015 + 4K NO 3.4 GB

VHS AEJuice – Free Download 

A pack of realistic VHS effects. Highly customizable VHS constructor.

VHS effect for After Effects and Premiere Pro is one of the most popular effects. It has been tested with time and it is here to stay.

If you’re not satisfied with throwing the standard noise effect on the layer and looking for an authentic VHS effect, you’re in the right place.

We’ve dusted off those 80’s tapes and perfectly recreated every glitch, distortion, and damage.

More than that, you have full control and can go as crazy as you’d like. Combine effects, adjust the intensity, radius, scattering, degree of the film’s damage, frequency of noise, degree of interference, style, and much more.

Think of it more like a plugin constructor than a template.

Additionally, there are camera interfaces, texts, watermarks, and filters in 10 categories.

Whether you’re working on a fan project or a professional music video for Beyonce VHS effect package will cover all your needs.

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