Aescripts TextExploder V2 v2.0.006 (WIN+MAC)

21 January 2023
Aescripts TextExploder V2 v2.0.006 (WIN+MAC)
Program Name Version File Size
After Effects CS4 + 1 MB

Aescripts TextExploder V2 v2.0.006 (WIN+MAC) Free Download

Split text layers into characters, words, lines and more. The placement of each character is accurately preserved without expressions, text animators or other tricks.Split Text Layers Easily

Split Text Layers Easily

  • split into characters
  • split into words
  • split into lines
  • isolate a single custom word
  • powerful and flexible custom splits with Regular Expressions

Accurate Placement

After the split, the position of each letter is accurately preserved! But TextExploder doesn’t just “hide” letters from the text – you get truly “clean” text layers that only contain the text you see, with no expressions, text animators or other tricks.

New Features in TextExploder V2

  • support for 3D layers
  • support for bounded text (aka paragraph text or box text)
  • support for texts with animated positions
  • support for layers with “separate dimensions” enabled
  • KBar support – explode texts with your favorite settings directly from a toolbar
  • scripting API – use TextExploder within your own Ae scripts


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