Personal Logo Reveal 19683615 Videohive

30 September 2019
Personal Logo Reveal 19683615 Videohive
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After Effects 1920x1080 1 MB

Videohive Personal Logo Reveal 19683615 – Free Download After Effects Template

The project includes a male and a female character. There are full unique appearance settings for each of them:

11 beard styles (for male), 11 types of short hairstyles, 11 types of long-haired hairstyles, 3 types of noses, 8 types of mustaches (for male), 6 types of eyebrows, 5 types of eyes, 5 types of ears, 4 types of glasses, 7 headdresses, 7 types of short-sleeved costumes, 7 types of long-sleeved costumes

A little bit of math. Let’s count the number of combinations for each character.

As for male: 11×11×11×3×8×6×5×5×4×4×7×7×7 = 26 296 300 800

As for female: 11×11×3×6×5×5×4×4×7×7×7 = 298 821 600

Total number of characters: 26 595 122 400

It’s just unbeliev… wait wait

It includes individual color controller for every element of appearance, which one helps you to create the best color solution easily and quickly.

You can keep youtube logo unchanged or change it to your own, also you can change the background and substrate color using controller.

It’s hard to believe, but you can easily add any of your materials for unique character appearance additions.

There is more to come!

The project also has 7 prepared options of style design with prepared unique backgrounds. You can also remove background leaving alpha channel.

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