Nobe OmniScope v1.10.137 Win

16 July 2024
Nobe OmniScope v1.10.137 Win
Program Name File Size
DaVinci Resolve 69.9 MB

Nobe OmniScope v1.10.137 Win – Free Download Plugins

Use the benefits of GPU acceleration and monitor your images in real-time with almost no delay.

Nobe OmniScope highlights:

  • 18 scope types
  • Multiple input support
  • Support for Dolby Vision Workflows
  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • 12 bit signal support
  • Highly Versatile and Customizable
  • Advanced Quality Control and New QC Timeline
  • Colour Managed with OpenColorIO
  • Native StreamDeck support
  • NDI® 5 support
  • Apple Silicon ready (M1 chip)

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