Mockup Creator by Simon Henke – Paper Panel

7 August 2021

Paper Panel – Mockup Creator by Simon Henke – Free Download

This Paper Panel is a Photoshop extension dedicated to creating mockups, moodboards, and other scenes. It has 10 main tabs perfectly geared to each other, which makes building images a fun and easy task.

This panel includes various assets like items, seamless patterns, foils/shadow overlays, and more. You can add these assets to your document with a single click.

What’s more? This deal comes with an extended commercial license so that you can use this bundle for unlimited personal and commercial projects!

What’s Included In This Mockup Creator For You:

  • 168 Items
  • 32 Backgrounds
  • 24 Distortions
  • 16 Dropshadow Presets
  • 24 Foils / Plastic Overlays
  • 44 Seamless Paper Patterns
  • 56 Shadow Overlays
  • 28 Layerstyles
  • 74 Color Schemes
  • 88 Formats / Sizes

Please note: This is not a common scene creator, where you simply get a folder of image assets. Although the individual assets could be extracted from the installation of the panel, the intention is rather to use them inside of the Photoshop Panel, which is designed to offer a quick and easy workflow.

A Few Utilities This Panel Offers:

  • Overlays (shadows, foils, …) are automatically scaled to fit the document or selected layer
  • Browsing and clicking the thumbnails quickly updates layer contents while keeping existing settings
  • Undo any action easily (multiple steps are grouped to one history entry)
  • Quickly set pattern scales to 12/25/50/100 percent (on values between, patterns can look blurry)
  • Find specific items via search input
  • Almost all items are customizable in color or design
  • Randomly assign all colors of a color scheme to the selected layers (Hold Ctrl/Shift)
  • Create ripped paper effects with a combination of edge distortion and inner contour
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