JerryBundle JerryFlow and JerryShakes

14 April 2024
JerryBundle JerryFlow and JerryShakes
Program Name File Size
After Effects 40.9 Mb

Download JerryBundle JerryFlow and JerryShakes and enjoy the best experience where you will find what you needed and what you searched for. Our site also provides templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Luts, Royalty free sound effects and much more.

Perfect your workflow and take it to the highest level with this script.

Choose between 16 different shake presets.

Or create you own shakes with the custom JerryShake maker.

(You can save up to 3 custom shakes with custom names)

Quick and easy to use 🙂

Works with all resolution & Framerates.

Save yourself hours of times by doing repetitive with just one click.

Add curves to anyselected keyframe

Precomp multiple clips with ease

Add precut Adjustment layer/Solid’s

Fit selected footage to the composition size

Do Transform tasks without opening side menus

Change the speed of your selected clips or reverse them

Add effects like flashes, simple shakes, pop ins or fade out/ins

You can enter the JerryShake key to add the JerryShake ui pannels in JerryFlow

Set settings to all the features above

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