Ghosthack – Skyrealm

27 June 2022
Ghosthack – Skyrealm
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Ghosthack – Skyrealm – Free Download Sound Effects

Epic Cinematic Vocals, Orchestral Instruments and Deep Atmospheres

Versatile Cinematic Vocals – From Viking to Ethereal

Skyrealm covers a wide range of different cinematic vocal styles: No matter if you’re looking for some female ethereal vocals, deep choirs or for some heavy viking voices, we got you covered! One of the great features of ‘Skyrealm’ is the ‘Viking Vocal Builder’, which contains a large amount of male vocals, chants, shouts and tones that you can blend, stack and process to create your own unique phrases.

Suitable for Filmmakers and Music Producers

We designed Skyrealm to be suitable for filmmakers as well as music producers. Filmmakers can use a total of 30 music tracks that are also splitted into their separate parts plus tons of individual sound and vocal effects. Music producers can use all these sounds as well: All tonal sounds are key-labeled, all loops are BPM-labeled. The construction kits include separate stems that can be dragged and dropped into your DAW or sampler of choice plus they contain all MIDI files.

16.8 GB of Content – 1,588 Files

This premium sound library includes a wide range of universal cinematic sounds: From beautiful vocals, pianos, strings, harps, flutes, guitars, horns, evolving pads, as well as dark moods and ambient textures. The huge amount of sounds lead to endless possibilities of inspiration and creativity.

Construction Kits – Full Music and Single Sounds

What is a construction kit? A Skyrealm construction kit includes a full music track that is also splitted into its single parts. So, you can either use the full music track or just pick the sounds and samples that you would like to use in your movie or music production or recompose the whole track to your needs by just drag and dropping the included sound files into your project. Furthermore, we included lots of percussion and mood kits.

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