Epic Stock Media – BRAAAM Strike

24 June 2022
Epic Stock Media – BRAAAM Strike
File Types
96k 24bit and 44.1k 16bit
File Size
513.9 MB

Epic Stock Media – BRAAAM Strike – Free Download Sound Effects

If you understand BRAAAM then you know exactly what inspires this epic sound library. Hollywood blockbuster movies like Inception, A Dark Knight, and Transformers were the birthplace of BRAAAM and today we proudly present to you an epic collection of these scene making sounds!

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  • 100 files
  • 453.3 MB
  • 12 minutes of audio
  • All in .WAV 44.1k 16bit and 96k 24bit
  • Film and Game Trailer Sound Library
  • Includes Massive Synth Horn Impacts


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