Creating Tileable Textures In Zbrush

16 November 2022
Creating Tileable Textures In Zbrush
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Download Creating Tileable Textures In Zbrush with one click, learn and gain experience, learn from their mistakes and meaningful advice, and discover the best ways in which they succeeded.

ZBrush is one of the most versatile tools when it comes to creating 3D art. You can create both organic and hard surface models with ease in ZBrush and when used to it’s full potential, you can produce stunning results. In this tutorial Pierre-Alexandre Côté will guide you through his creation process of sculpting, baking and texturing a tileable stone wall material using ZBrush, Substance Designer and Photoshop. Pierre-Alexandre is a master at creating highly detailed sculpts and this is no exception. Learn how he crafted this life-like stone wall and integrate ZBrush into your own material creation pipeline. Whether you’re a seasoned artist, student, hobbyist or someone just starting out, grab this tutorial and learn an essential workflow that will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. Fuel your Creative Mind today.

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