BeatEdit V1.2.002 for DaVinci Resolve

3 June 2024
BeatEdit V1.2.002 for DaVinci Resolve
Program Name File Size
Davinci Resolve 191 MB

BeatEdit V1.2.002 for DaVinci Resolve – Free Download Plugins

Edit to the beat like a pro. Create seamless edits to make your music track longer, shorter or shuffle it around.

BeatEdit uses the professional beat detection algorithm developed by researchers at the University of Porto and the University of Victoria to analyse your music and detect the main beats. It can then create various markers to show you where these beats are, making it super easy to edit to music.

Once you load your music file into DaVinci Resolve, you can choose from four different ways to work with beats:

  • timeline markers
  • clip markers
  • audio beat clicks (a.k.a. metronome)
  • subtitles

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