Animator Guild – Mastering Motion with Howard Wimshurst

18 November 2022
Animator Guild – Mastering Motion with Howard Wimshurst
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Download Animator Guild – Mastering Motion with Howard Wimshurst with one click, learn and gain experience, learn from their mistakes and meaningful advice, and discover the best ways in which they succeeded.

MASTERING MOTION The course takes you from amateur to professional in 2D animation. Strengthen your ability to draw from observation and from imagination. Drawing is an inseparable part of high-level frame by frame animation. 5 NEW SPECIAL ANIMATION PRINCIPLES to enhance your animation beyond the 12 we established in my Getting Started course. Learn these principles with easy-to-follow exercises step by step. Whether you plan to work in Anime or western animation studios, these make your animations:​


These are more like recommendations. No one will be turned away, but following these recommendations will help you to get the most out of the course.

Animation Software

  • This course does not teach software. Sometimes you might need to adapt your approach if you don’t have TVPaint.
  • The best software to use with this course is TVPaint (because that’s what I use), but other inferior software will be sufficient. These are mostly frame-by-frame principles.
  • My pipeline after the animation phase includes Adobe Photoshop (for backgrounds), After effects (for compositing) and Premiere (for sound and final edit). There will be times in the course when I show you how I use this extra software.

A Working Graphics Tablet

  • You are expected to have a ​working graphics tablet. Any will do.

Basic Drawing Ability

  • These Basic drawing fundamentals are taught in my previous course. We also have a refresher seminar inside Mastering Motion to help you remember.

Understand the 12 Principles

  • A rudimentary understanding is helpful to get the most out of the lessons. there is a  refresher seminar inside Mastering Motion to help you remember


My name is Howard Wimshurst I’m an award-winning animator from London have been making animations for a little over 10 years. During that time, ​I have worked professionally for a variety of clients, ranging from documentaries to medical animations to commercials and music videos. I have guest lectured at universities and produced over 170 videos on YouTube reaching millions of people. It has been a joy to read the responses of animators who have benefitted from my lessons. Now I will show you advanced animation methods you won’t find anywhere else.

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