Aescripts memleak v1.0.1 Win/Mac

27 January 2024
Aescripts memleak v1.0.1 Win/Mac
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Aescripts memleak v1.0.1 Win/Mac – Free Download Plugins

Generate new infinite glitch visuals every time you open AE.

Glitch out your project

memleak reads random parts of your computer’s memory as if it were pixel data. The result? See for yourself.

Combine memleak with other effects and the possibilities become endless. Shown: Color Shift and Pixelfan.

8/16/32bpc Support

8/16/32bpc projects read pixel data in slightly different ways – therefore, they give different looking glitch effects. memleak supports them all – just change your project settings to get a whole new effect.

Different every time

memleak doesn’t need parameters – every time you run it, you get something completely new.

Be sure to render your results (at the same resolution) or they will be gone forever. And if you want to generate something new, just add an effect before memleak and change one of its parameters to clear AE’s frame cache.

Note: memleak looks best at lower resolutions. If it’s not working as well as expected, try lowering your comp resolution to Quarter or even lower.

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